Pool Opening

Swimming Pool Openings

  • Water is pumped off the top of pool cover.
  • Leaves and debris are removed off the cover and bagged for garbage pick up.
  • The winter cover and water tubes are removed.
  • Pool winter cover and water bags are lightly washed and rinsed off (complete cleaning and power washing of cover is available).
  • Pool cover and water tubes are folded and stored at customer's residence (offsite storage also available).
  • The pool deck is hosed and blown off upon complete of the pool opening (complete cleaning and deck power washing is available).
  • All deck equipment including ladders, handrails, diving boards, light fixtures, and automatic cleaning devices are reinstalled in the swimming pool.
  • All filtration and skimmer baskets are installed back in their proper place.
  • All water flow directional inlets are reinstalled into the pool.
  • Operational filtration equipment that may have been disconnected at winterization is reinstalled. 
  • All drain plugs that had been removed at winterization are secured back into place for the new season's operation.
  • A complete inspection is done of the pump, motor, filter, heater, automatic chemical feeder, automatic pool cleaner, automated controller systems, tile, coping stones and the pool deck.
  • The system is primed, tested and left running off the main drain (an additional service charge will be required to return to site to balance the water, vacuum or to start the system off the skimmer).
  • A garden hose can be left filling in the pool at the customer's request (customers that plan on having water trucked in should plan to have their pool opened at least one to two days prior to water delivery).
  • A detailed opening checklist is left behind onsite for the customer (detailed checklist shows work preformed and also list possible concerns or repairs needed or suggested).