Pool Opening Return Visit

Raised Pool

Pristine Pools will return to the customer's home to do the following if needed or requested (water level will need to be midway between the skimmers before we return to site, additional service fees apply for this service).

  • Perform season opening cleaning and vacuuming. (Includes vacuuming, skimming, brushing of the walls, cleaning of tiles, blowing of deck area, emptying filtration and skimmer baskets.)
  • Clean cartridge filter element or add and recharge filter media (diatomaceous earth).
  • Balance water (10 point water analysis, cost of chemicals if needed is additional).
  • A detailed opening checklist is left behind onsite for the customer (detailed checklist shows work preformed, list any chemicals added, and any that may still need to be added.  It also lists possible concerns or repairs needed or suggested).